A journey in life can take you many places.  Whether this journey is real or just part of the imagination, it really does not matter because a journey can be for wisdom and knowledge or acumen that is ginned through the element of storytelling. Therefore, let us begin our journey via reality and/or the imagination, thus... 

I stood in the middle of the big white room just looking around at the vast space. Well, I thought, this is a good place to write and therein, I took a seat.  As I retrieved my pen and pad, a notion manifested which said - Enlightened is the person who cherishes all things as equal inhabitants of the ecosystem/universe.  

In so far as mountains are to peak; a beanstalk is to climb.  We summit to find a new world of ideals and life forms our identity. Yet, many of us do nothing at all even when the sky is shining beautifully outside.  Our minds are to ponder easily and if not, Alice wondered until she found new country.  

To the extent that we create through our fictional characters, there once was a story never told about the City that evolved through cellulosic fibers.  This world would be discovered via a beanstalk and the person that would discover this world name was Jake Castle.  But for now, this world was lost to others.

This world imaged through a dream that came to the special ones.  Giants are ones that saw this universe form.  However, they did not know where this world came from.  It was over their heads, but they knew that greater acumen was given.  All the people there was extremely tall and they pop from the trees' bark. Cellulose bran and body strong, the world was for Leviathans only.  Giantvillism is what the special ones called this world because they perceived this as self-fulling prophesy.

As the special ones listen while they slept, they did not know how they understood what was said.  Plus, each did not know what the other dreamed until one day one begin to scribe about his vision.  One day, he said, when the greater source comes, this vision will be ours.  He will travel to this land beyond via his beanstalk.  His name will be Jakobirye Castle.  He will come first without his family.  He will meet a big person that he will call Giant, but he will not greet him on the same day.  He will leave afraid.

As the special one wrote, he thought about divulging of the prophesy, however, he was unsure how the others input would come.  What they saw could be that different... "What advice should I give", he thought. "It is a 100 and 1 of us".  To determine the right way to go, he decided to share out.  Thus far, they had not included the women folk.  This special one sought out the wises woman he felt of them all whose name was Xeracióna.

Special One went to Xeracióna and ask: "Why did you married me?"  Xeracióna response was: "For love and security Special One.  You have to be able to take care of me for me to flourish your ideas and worries.  In that we learn to adapt to new changes in life, we do not have the power to change the time, but we can be   happy in what we have and where we, as one, are empowered to manifest destiny".

Special One smiled and begin to deliberate about the world beyond and this is what he said... “Xeracióna, I am a dreamer and curator of mental expressions or, as you say, ideas.  Each night I slept, a world is seen where Giants roam and are free to breath.  These Giants evolve from the cellulosic form in which they come as big men adorned to construct a tribal nation.  However, the adults must come first and within a c
entury, childbirth.  To procreate, this has to formulate from the evolution stated.  An equation equivalent to life formed as man see woman and woman conceives child.  Language and knowledge is thereby defined…”

Special One continues to speak and maybe next year we can finish this piece. Nonetheless, my friends, the time arrives that this form close and we must disengage our wonderful tale of giants and their dreams about the world beyond.